Kare 11 and Dale Schornack

I spent a part of my life shooting news in the Twin Cities with great reporters Like Dale Schornack, Ken Speake, Bernie Grace and Joan Steffend Brandmeier

HONDURAS 1984 – A 9 year old blind girl sees the faces of her family for the first time. Former KARE-TV photo journalist Duane Engstrom and Reporter Dale Schornack  captured the moment when Norie was led through the jungle and into a tiny village by her father, hoping Minnesota doctors could help his child. It set in motion a series of events and acts of generosity that is nothing short of a miracle.

I also had the opportunity to learn from some the best photographers, engineers and producers around.  I meet Cliff Gordon when I worked in a small market in Alexandria MN, Sioux Falls SD and Wichita KS. One day he called me and said he was moving back to Florida apply now. I did I joined WCTH TV right as it was being bought by Gannet Broadcasting it was still joking called the Mary Tyler Moore Station by the time I left to join Cliff in florida we had become KARE 11 1984 NPPA station of the year thanks for the lessons to the guys below!