Sinead Lohan: The Irish enigma

I first heard her at a coffee shop in West Palm Beach, Fl and feel in love with here music.  Here is more about here.

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Getting High on My Mortality: Sinéad Lohan
Posted on September 13, 2012 by chimesfreedom
sinead lohan no mermaid I have so many songs tucked away on my iPod, sometimes while I listen to the songs shuffle in the background as I do my work, I hear a song mixed among the old friends that I don’t remember or one I did not connect to earlier and I have a new discovery. Today, I found a song by an artist who chooses to no longer make music. Today’s new discovery is Sinéad Lohan’s “Whatever It Takes.”

The song came up on my iPod as part of a collection of acoustic songs from various artists. But here is the video for the original version, which is from Lohan’s No Mermaid (1998) album. I love the odd little dancing marionnette that you see around the 1:08 mark.

Lohan is from Cork, Ireland, and in the 1990s was a rising star on both sides of the ocean. After her 1995 debut album, Who Do You Think I Am?, did well in Ireland, she made her second album, No Mermaid — which contains “Whatever It Takes” — in New Orleans. The title track of No Mermaid was used in the film Message in A Bottle, and Joan Baez covered it. Another creative person put Lohan’s No Mermaid song to scenes from The Little Mermaid even though the song was not used in that film:

Lohan also created an excellent cover of Bob Dylan’s “To Ramona.”

At one point, Lohan planned a third album in the new century, but after she had her second child in 2001, she decided to devote herself full time to motherhood. She no longer even has a website devoted to her music. Although it is a loss to the music world that Lohan no longer records, we cannot complain that Lohan chose family over creating more music, as we know from another Lohan and another Sinead how fame can un-ground a person. Perhaps the reason the song “Whatever It Takes” resonates so much is its honesty, where Lohan is perhaps telling us what type of life she would like and that she will do what she needs to be fulfilled without worrying about legacy or fans.

Whatever it takes you to believe it,
That’s all right with me;
Take this morning in my kitchen,
Or whatever that helps you to believe;
You will find me down by the river,
Getting high on my mortality;
I’ll be holding hands with nameless beauty,
Or whoever wants to stand next to me.

Wikipedia reports that Lohan in 2004 began working on a new album that has yet to be released. Whether or not the we get to hear the CD, I hope Sinéad Lohan is somewhere singing for her children, high on mortality holding hands with nameless beauty. Thanks for the music.