Sarah Packiam – You just never know!

Sarah Packiam Launches New Music Video
October 1, 2014 — Recording artist Sarah Packiam is proud to release her latest
music video “I loved you first”. This video will seal visually her 2012 EP Album
“Dreams” making it the last music video of it’s successful run before her new
album is released early next year.
“I loved you first” was shot in Miami and directed by Milcho. Sarah interprets her
heart breaking song like never before, as she let’s out her desperate feelings,
obsession for lost love and frustrations toward a piece of raw meat. This by far has
been her most challenging video due to the graphic images and her respect for
animals. Milcho is known for using surrealism & symbolisms in her work; this
being a perfect example of that.
The video portrays an obsession of not wanting to let go of an old love and
provokes thoughts of how love at first sight can often be brought on by purely
physical attractions. The symbolism of Sarah’s relationship in the video may be
interpreted in many ways as she goes through emotions with another flesh. The
phrase “being seen as a piece of meat” comes to mind.
Sarah is currently working on her third studio album due to be released early 2015.

About Sarah Packiam
Born and raised in Ireland, Sarah began writing songs at the age of 12. At the age
of 18 Sarah and her family moved to Spain where she performed regularly in bars
and nightclubs in the family band. She was discovered and brought to Miami by
Jon Secada and was taken under his wing, co writing and being produced by Tim
Mitchell. Sarah’s first Independent CD “One for two” was released in February
2012 and her EP “Dream” was released in May 2013. Sarah plays regularly in the
Miami music scene.