Shipping My Painting to the Wyland Foundation Auction
thanks to my coach Maria Wagner, Art Box in Key Largo and Roberto Pasta Pantaleo for all your help.


Truck Lagoon Painting 2


My second attempt at painting based on photo from Cathy Church of the Bow of Fumitsuki Maru, Truck Lagoon (http://www.cathychurch.com/)


Fumitsuki Destroyer
The Fumitsuki is a dedicated warship built for the Japanese Navy, and has no “maru” following its name. One of only two made-for-war ships sunk in Chuuk, it is a 97m (320ft) Mutuki Class destroyer built in 1926 and was in Truk for repairs from an attack by US planes near Rabaul on January 4th, 1944.
Prior to the Rabaul damages, the Fumizuki helped relieve Japanese forces in the battle of Guadalcanal as part of the “Tokyo Express.” Damaged by bombing during Operation Hailstone, her crew abandoned her when she lost power. They attempted to tow her to a new anchorage, but had not noticed the ship had its anchor dropped to avoid drifting on the reef.
Sitting between 24 and 36m (80-120ft) this warship still has intact bow and stern guns and a torpedo launcher. Being built as a warship and not a more comfortable passenger ship, we could immediately tell how much more compact the spaces are on the ship. We swam through companionways and looking into crew spaces are noticeably smaller and reduced in size compared to the passenger ships.

The Ocean’s Daughter

The Ocean’s Daughter The award winning 1983 underwater film made by Mike Portelly in which “A diver is taken on an undersea odyssey into the heart of the ocean, where mysterious forces are at work that give rise to the Ocean’s Daughter, born to deliver a stark warning. . .” Saw this back in late 80s really!


Kare 11 and Dale Schornack

I spent a part of my life shooting news in the Twin Cities with great reporters Like Dale Schornack, Ken Speake, Bernie Grace and Joan Steffend Brandmeier

HONDURAS 1984 – A 9 year old blind girl sees the faces of her family for the first time. Former KARE-TV photo journalist Duane Engstrom and Reporter Dale Schornack  captured the moment when Norie was led through the jungle and into a tiny village by her father, hoping Minnesota doctors could help his child. It set in motion a series of events and acts of generosity that is nothing short of a miracle.

I also had the opportunity to learn from some the best photographers, engineers and producers around.  I meet Cliff Gordon when I worked in a small market in Alexandria MN, Sioux Falls SD and Wichita KS. One day he called me and said he was moving back to Florida apply now. I did I joined WCTH TV right as it was being bought by Gannet Broadcasting it was still joking called the Mary Tyler Moore Station by the time I left to join Cliff in florida we had become KARE 11 1984 NPPA station of the year thanks for the lessons to the guys below!

Cayman Film and Video

 I worked for Martin Sutton as a Dive Master and

was a Partner in Cayman Film and Video

Nikon Video

The most comprehensive instructional VHS video for the beginning to intermediate underwater photographer. Youll be taken through your first moments with your Nikonos V. From assembly of the camera body and lens to achieving professional results with the worlds most trusted and popular underwater camera. Join world-renowned underwater photographer Martin Sutton in Grand Cayman for a one-on-one underwater lesson including all you need to know from the store to the water. Topics Include: How to assemble your camera Testing the system Choosing the right film How to achieve correct exposure Focus and the effects of refraction Choosing subject matter Composition Shooting for an audience Checklists and skill reviews Cleaning the system and changing film Tips and advice not found in the Nikonos manual And much more!

martin lori


Fisheye of Cayman

October 1982 – December 2002 (20 years 3 months)

I started and developed a scuba diving business, with an emphasis on underwater photography and video, into a world-renowned operation in one of the most competitive markets in the world. In later years I moved into organising all aspects of high end dive travel

Cayman Film and Video

Supplied Equipment Crew, Boats and Cameramen. Our Clients Included


Diving the North wall and Stingray City

PADI Basic underwater Training video in Grand Cayman sections shot late 80s.


American cinematographer Mike deGruy Stingray City

 Suport Divers

 One of the far more obscure shows and documentary series from the BBC.
Sea Trek dated back to 1992, has seldom been repeated (if ever) and has long been out of production on VHS video.
No DVD release has been made.

Part 1 of 3, Episode two of the documentary series: Sea Trek, with Martha Holmes and Michael deGruy.
Part 1 focuses primarily on Stingrays, a grouper, Moray Eel, Eagle Ray and Sea Fans.

At the time, the plastic bubble equipment and being able to talk underwater was pretty revolutionary.

The Cayman Islands are one of the top scuba diving destinations in world, and with Atlantis Submarines, you don’t have to be a scuba diver to experience the underwater world. The 48 passenger Atlantis Submarine offers a unique but relative option for anyone seeking things to do in the Cayman Islands.

Cayman Odyssey

produced by Pegasus Productions and Cayman Film & Video